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Stockdaily is your personalized stock discovery and market intelligence platform.

All-in-one tool to achieve greater confidence and knowledge of the markets. Build watchlists, set triggers, and set alerts on news for your favorite companies.



Build lists containing your favourite companies to view their prices, news, charts and more

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Customize and receive SMS alerts around the stocks in your watchlists. And never miss a beat.

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Receive mobile-first up to the minute news releases, media news and SEDI filings for companies in your watchlists. Be the first to be in the know.


View Performance, Profiles, Charts, News, Closes and Last Trades for companies in your watchlists. All in 1-Click.
I've been investing over 15 years in the Small Cap sector. This is the first time i consistently receive alerts, price triggers and news relevant to me.
- Investor
I tailor my watchlists and alerts for just the companies I love and own. Combining the power of a smartphone and StockDaily is a game changer for me.
- Accredited Investor
The end of day closings alert is a great summary for me. Delivered right when the market closes, it provides for me a price and volume snapshot of the stocks I have chosen to see from my watchlists.
– Company Executive
I just love the daily New Listings alert delivered in the morning. I get to see all new listings from the TMX, CSE and NEO before most people even get to the office.
– Investment Banker

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